Might Wednesday Patch Summary [ToT Raid]

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Continuation of my quick summary of the three raid days as of the 5.2 patch landing. Wednesday was our second day, after pulling Jin'rohk, Horridon, the Council of Elders and Tortos on Tuesday. We finished up Megaera fairly easily, had an interesting experience with Ji-Kun then hit a brick wall on Durumu. There's nothing overly special about the trash between Megaera and Ji-Kun, but the sewer trash leading to Ji-kun has gotten a reputation so here's a quick note about that:

The snails will probably rape your pet. They kill anything they walk over, so I recommend not sending your pet in to fight these if there is another target. Or at all, really, unless you like ressing them. I was playing as Marksman for the second and third day, so the pet dying was probably less infuriating then if I had been Beast Mastery. Don't stand in front of spiders, their web is a frontal cone. 

Fifth boss is MEGAERA
I was playing as MARKSMANSHIP

Simple fight. Run out for the majority of it to stay away from melee and ranged poison bombs. If Ice beam is on you, run it backwards or over Cinders if they are out. If Cinders is debuffed on you, run it over Ice beam debris or out of the way. Clump up in front of a head for Rampage. Repeat from right to left until dead. You'll notice I didn't pay much attention to the percentage of the boss and had horrible cooldown use in this video. This was my first boss pull as Marksman, though, and it felt decent regardless of my inattentiveness. 

Sixth boss is JI-KUN
I was playing as MARKSMANSHIP

Lots of people were having problems with Ji-Kun. I don't know what those problems were specifically. For the most part, I assume people were unable to kill their nests. Make sure you know where, when, who, and what nests you're taking care of. Survival will be a more useful spec for this than Marksman, as it will do significantly more AoE damage to the important part of the fight: The hatchlings in the nests. If you get caught on a nest by yourself without a healer during Quills, you will die - as I do here. Make sure your group knows what it's doing and when. You'll also notice I never receive any primal nutriment buffs. Don't do this - time your flight back from a nest appropriately so that your flight buff will last in time to catch a primal nutriment (Feed Young timer). You'll also have two extra casts of your wings, so long as you're only covering one upper nest.  

Adds are easy to clean up completely in normal mode. The only chance of not clearing your nests is if people assigned to that nest do not go. Make sure this is communicated properly and your damage intake will be much easier to manage.

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  1. good stuff Jade, in Mageara and Ji-Kun you died while doing your job, such is the life (and death) of a hunter, and Ji-Kun got tanked to death!