Might Normal-Mode Finalization Summary [ToT Raid]

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Continuation of my quick summaries of the normal mode ToT bosses as of the 5.2 patch landing.  This second week we went back in and cleared the original normal modes, then finished off the final three. These three were Iron Qon, Twin Consorts and Lei Shen.

The trash before Lei Shen can pose some problems if you're not ready for it. For the most part, it's just a matter of not damaging whichever add has the shield up. If you continue damaging the shield, you will probably kill yourself and anyone unfortunate enough to be near you. I also learned the hard way that it's not the most effective for assassinations, as it's more likely to kill you than it is your assassination target. Ehem. 

Tenth boss is IRON QON
I was playing as MARKSMANSHIP

This fight might be more complicated for you than it was for me, since I was never soaking anything in phase one. At most, it will simply mean you pay attention for raid calls and strafe when you need to. Otherwise, the progress of the fight goes as follows: Fire phase one, single target the boss.  Wind phase two, avoid spreading your debuff as much as possible, letting it fall off whenever you're able, and avoid getting picked up by tornadoes. If you're going stage side, disengage works perfectly with the timing. If you're going door side, disengage will walk you into the third row every time. I didn't try this with Post Haste, so it might be all right if you have that. If you do get picked up by a tornado, you won't die as easily as other classes. Deterrence will save you and it should be up every time. In fact, I even hop into a tornado at one point with Deterrence up to ride it around to the group quicker. Reflect phase three is a cake walk, just don't be in the dead zone. If your slow debuff does stack up and no one is clearing it, use Masters Call. Your cooldowns will likely come up near the end of this, but I recommend saving them for the phase four burn (unless you'll lose a cast).

Eleventh boss is THE TWIN CONSORTS
I was playing as MARKSMANSHIP

This is an extremely easy single target fight. All you have to do is spread out around the circle and damage whichever boss is up. The one thing you can mess up, and it is the one thing that I do mess up in this video, is to be in the way of Tidal Force near the end. Other than that, this is a really quick burn and there is no specific hurdles for a hunter beyond testing your throughput potential. Don't kill anybody with your Cosmic Barrage and don't get hit by the little green things flying around, they'll put you to sleep for 5 seconds.  

Twelfth boss is LEI SHEN
I was playing as MARKSMANSHIP

Lei Shen was a blast. You can play this as any spec you want. For pure numbers alone, or if you're having issues spawning bouncing ball or diffusion chain adds, you will see more throughput from Survival. This isn't necessarily a good thing if you can put more single target on Lei Shen as another spec. Often times you have to move immediately after an ability goes out, so pay attention. Keeping Thunderstruck to the far side of the quadrant you're in is important and easy to do so long as you strafe after the ability goes out. Boss Timers will give you a ten second warning. Staying within your quadrant, towards the back, will make this fight a lot easier, as anyone caught in between or near the front of a quadrant risks putting an Overcharge in a place that will overlap other groups (the one that makes you big and stuns). You can soak Static Shock by yourself with Deterrence. If you clump up for Ball Lightning, you will die - make sure the timing for ability/ball lightning doesn't overlap, and if it does, to know which one is going to go out first.  

The full raid week can be watched on Twitch.TV. I was playing as Marksmanship the entire way through for data collection purposes. The write up on my experience is already up.
http://www.twitch.tv/nakauri/b/377070095 - Jin'rokh, Horridon, Council of Elders, Tortos
http://www.twitch.tv/nakauri/b/377100608 - Megaera and Durumu
http://www.twitch.tv/nakauri/b/377455015 - Primordius, Dark Animus and some Lei Shen attempts
http://www.twitch.tv/nakauri/b/377831096 - Lei Shen (and Heroic Sha of Fear, if you're into that)


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