Might Thursday Patch Summary [ToT Raid]

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Continuation of my quick summary of the three raid days as of the 5.2 patch landing. Thursday was our third day, after pulling Megaera and Ji-Kun on Wednesday. As mentioned in the other post, we hit a brick wall at Durumu and had to come back for the next three bosses on Thursday.

The trash on Durumu has some important mechanics. First, the four adds patrolling the room will also summon eyes that need to be burned down by the raid. Don't just sit and watch the few people pulled in burn it down - there is no reason for you not to help except that you're afraid of doing the arena maze wrong. There are empty places for you to stand. Taking one tick of the maze will not kill you,  but make sure you know where the safe zones are. It's easier to zerg the eye than hope the few people pulled in know what they're doing.

After clearing the patrols, four larger adds will roll out along the sewers on the sides of the room. The first three you can burn down and deal with the smaller adds after, but the fourth add should be moved around so as to reveal the smaller adds with his Harsh Light. The reason for this is as soon as that large fourth add dies, the boss shows up. If you're in the middle of the room, you pull him and wipe. This will despawn the smaller adds, but you may as well save the repair bill by making sure everything is dead and you're not in the center for the boss spawn. 

Seventh boss is DURUMU
I was playing as MARKSMANSHIP

Durumu is simple once you understand him. This is a single target fight with three rotating phases. At the start of the fight you will be killing Durumu, avoiding the knockback (Force of Will) and depositing your Lingering Gaze debuff out of the way. Simply disengage this debuff to the back.
 On phase two, multiple beams will spawn. The goal is to use the red beam to reveal the three red adds so that they can be killed and end the phase. The blue beam should hold still and not reveal any blue adds. Any add that is revealed but then is unrevealed will do massive damage to the raid and probably wipe you. You have a second to see where the adds will spawn - you can use traps to indicate these locations as they will still go off despite the mobs being hidden. Hunters are good to help soak the red beam due to their high mobility.

Phase three was where we had our most trouble, as people were unable to understand the maze. Once you are in the maze it's easier to stay safe, but getting in it is the tricky part. Lots of people will say "oh, just stand in melee" or on the edge or so forth, but these lanes do not always spawn. Simply understand the mechanics rather than relying on luck. I will probably make a post specifically for the Durumu maze, but the short answer is this:  The safe area starts between the first purple segment and the death beam. Lightning will be on the ground to indicate what side this is. Start off on the far side near the purple segment (away from the beam). This safe area will be filled in five segments. The first two will  generally always be entirely unsafe. The third will reveal the first part of the maze. Backtrack and enter this safe lane. The fourth will close off the lanes from each other as the maze begins to progress.

Sorry about the audio track - Youtube did some manual editing around the music it falsely detected, so it's a computer generated guesstimation leaving in Mumble voice chat and some game sounds. It's a little distorted, but it did alright. I might upload another version at some point, but for now this'll do. I'm also trying to get the original audio restored on this video, because the manual editing is a little annoying, so we'll see. 

Eighth boss is PRIMORDIUS
I was playing as MARKSMANSHIP

Get five stacks of mutations, kill the boss, repeat. That's it. Some people were complaining about not being able to kill their add by themselves:  You can, and a hunter can especially. Have your pet help you kill adds. You can go Survival to AoE, but I feel single target will be more useful. If the boss is being kited and you need to kill adds for more mutations, pick an add from behind the boss so that you're not losing time as the boss is brought closer to your kill target. Make sure you manage your cooldowns correctly: Chances are you will want to line them up with the mutation buff to hit the boss rather than hitting adds.

You can get multiple stacks of mutations from one red pool. Strafe back and forth. You'll notice I get 4/5 mutations at one point during this video doing that. Also make sure you are aware of where the red pools are when you have been mutated, as being hit by more will remove one of your helpful mutations and prevent someone who needs a mutation from picking it up. 

Ninth boss is DARK ANIMUS
I was playing as MARKSMANSHIP

I have no idea what this boss does besides port me around like crazy. I was tired by this end of the night and just allowing myself to be used as a Matter Swap bitch. As a hunter, the principle of the fight is very easy: Get aggro on the mob you need to have aggro on, kill the kill targets being brought to tanks' animus', then make sure your animus never goes within range of another. Use the range finder to manage this. Hunters are fantastic kiters and should be able to judge distances appropriately, so you should have no issue keeping your add in the proper spots even if you are constantly Matter Swapped like I was doing. 

And before I get asked, I was allowing myself to get Matter Swapped so that the tank in that corner was not. You're in for a rough time if your tanks are being ported about. You should not be AoEing other targets around you, as it's important to control where and when animus' die. 

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  1. Thank you for posting all your tips and videos. They have been very helpful. Much appreciated.