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Previously I had been working on a website similar to this for the prior tier. I was working through write ups on known information regarding hunter talents, specializations, gear, etc, in addition to several boss guides for each of the three 5.1 raid instances as I went through them of my own accord. The intention was to have a place to upload hunter specific boss kills, as I primarily did multiple perspectives otherwise, and to have a dedicated space for my hunter-only mulling that nobody else cared about. Some of this information is still available on that site, but for the most part it has all been gibbed. 

Restoring the information and catching up on past write ups posed too much issue with my available time, so I put the site on development hold and never finished it nor removed it from its temporary German host. Most of the code is broken, but it is still navigable. To reduce my perfectionist habits and making it easier for me to update information as I please, I've swapped my efforts over to Googles blogger. 

That is this site. This is to act as a landing page for my various warcraft outlets, including the Youtube channel for Mights boss kills, the guild website, my raiding UI and my Twitch stream. Because it also has a blog feature, I will probably use it on occasional for my hunter blather, experience in raid fights or general warcraft observations. 

Now you can have all Jade things at all Jade times in one Jade spot in one convenient Jade sized package.
Or avoid this place like the plague.

The old site can be found [at this address] over on kilu. The write up on Zorlok appears to be the only one intact, whereas the rest of the information primarily exists as small blurbs. Depending on your browser, the HTML5 and CSS3 functions may not work correctly. I've posted the talent write up on kilu to the post topics archive here. The rest will probably drown forever. It's not important to go or to know of this other site. It's broken. I don't even know why I'm telling you about it.  Look away. 

Find further and new hunter information here. They will come in the form of blog posts and probably involve my musings regarding the current raid tier, or specific questions I'm asked by other people that I feel would be appropriate to address elsewhere for referral. I imagine this will no longer involve 5.1 raid tiers. 

Also look for me talking to myself like an insane nut here, since I have no friends and trust exactly nobody in the world. Gary was here, Ash is a loser.


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