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The best question I’ve ever been asked was, “Why is your wolf a raptor mount?”

 I am a World of Warcraft player, and this is my personal site for raiding and anything regarding the hunter class.

Herein you can find various articles dedicated to hunter theorycraft, raid experience, my random musings and so forth starting from the release of the Mists of Pandaria patch, Rise of the Thunder King 5.2. Some of it will be coherent, some of it will not be. Some of it will be accurate, and some of it will not be. Take my word at your discretion.
Please note that I update this site very casually.

Most people call my hunter "Jade", and therefore me, despite the name being Jadem Cian (think Chad, pronounced Jadem Sane ... OK, that's not important). After many years of being called Jade in-game Blizzard released Mists of Pandaria with a lot of jade stuff in it, most notably the Jade Forest quest zone. It made sense at the time given I'd started this site during Mists of Pandaria. Forests are great and secluded places, just like personal websites, and it was one of the more 'huntery' jade things of all the jade things included in Mists.

Upon returning to this page I decided to keep the Jade Forest name, even though we are no longer in Mists of Pandaria and instead heading into Legion. Plus I got to make a silly logo that passes as a forest pine tree, a spear head for our new-found melee Survival hunters and an arrow head for the rest of us normal hunter folk. Nothing to lose!

One of the games successes is its constant evolution. Primary interest since I began playing in 2004 has been PvE. I started off on Azjol-Nerub as a casual raid leader, and am currently on Zul'jin raiding with Might. Goal is to push US Top 20 on a 4 day a week, 12 hour schedule. Follow our Mythic raid progress by navigating to the guild page on the WoWProgress link above.

PS: I like kittens.